How to install the GPIO drivers / test programs on Windows 10 IoT 64 bit?

Bjornono New Member Posts: 1

I am planning to port an App. from Raspberry Pi 2-3 to UP-board or UP4000 if possible.
Extensive use of GPIO and I2C. Microsoft is not supporting Raspberry Pi 4 and UP-board is the only alternative without redesign and production of the I/O-interface board.(Similar layout of the 40 pin HAT.)
I have searched thru the Windows 10 related documentation and I can't find anything related to installing GPIO drivers to Windows 10 IoT 64 bit. Is there any relevant information available? Can downgrade to 32 bit if absolutely necessary.
Full Windows 10 is not an option. Iot program is written in C# and running a controller.
Thanks for any help!