I2c driver on Up-Extreme

Ruvim New Member Posts: 1

Hello, I am new to Uefi and I am attempting to write a program with Edk2 to talk to the I2c bus on the Up-Extreme. To do this I am executing .efi files in the UEFI shell and I am noticing that LocateHandleProtocol cannot find any I2c handles in the handle data base.

Does anyone know if Up-Extreme has a UEFI I2c driver?
Also, how do I access the I2c bus in the UEFI shell?


  • garyw
    garyw New Member, Moderator, AAEON Posts: 53 admin

    you have to know how to control I2C controller based on Intel and write by yourself.
    you can refer Linux Kernel I2C driver for Intel to know how to control it.