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UP 4000 - Pre order, discounted offer.


As you know, we will be launching our all new UP 4000 soon. If you missed it, you can see the announcement here.

To help celebrate this, we are giving you all the chace to get your new UP 4000 at a discounted price. See the details here

This pre order opportunity won't be around long. Until July 15th 2022 to be precise

Don't miss your chance to pre order your UP 4000. Pricing will be from $116.10 from now until July 15th, 2022, after which it will revert back to, from $129.00. For all discounted pricing see here.

There are terms and conditions of course, you can see our website for all of the details. But, it's important to also note, that shipping will begin in August 2022. We have no limit to numbers you can order with this offer, but larger orders my be impacted by the current supply chain issues. This offer is specifically for the preorder period only, and not applicable to any other discounted offer or pricing structure.

If you have any questions, please contact us

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