I2S Wont work on Up Xtreme with i5-8365UE and Bios V1.9

lucastanure New Member Posts: 4

The Up Xtreme i5-8365UE and latest Bios v1.9 don't have an I2S bus on 40 header as the specification says.
SPEC: https://up-board.org/wp-content/uploads/up-xtreme/Datasheet-UP-xtreme.pdf

In Bios I can see SSP2 enabled, but the ASoC machine driver for Intel doest probe and reverts to legacy mode.
The file sound/hda/intel-dsp-config.c (Linux) says:
"class=04 subclass 03 prog-if 00: no DSP, use legacy driver"

How is possible to use the I2S bus on the 40 pins header for Up Xtreme i5-8365UE ?


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