[Tech Update] Benchmark Testing of UP Xtreme i11

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UP Xtreme i11: CPU, GPU and AI performance overview

We have run a set of benchmarks to evaluate the different performances on CPU, GPU and AI for our UP Xtreme i11 industrial SKUs: Celeron, Core-i3, Core-i5 and Corei7.

Are you curious to know how UP Xtreme i11 performed?

Let’s have a look at the results:
Test Systems:
All Systems are based on the same configuration except the main SoC, which are:
  • UP Xtreme i11 Celeron
  • UP Xtreme i11 Core-i3
  • UP Xtreme i11 Core-i5
  • UP Xtreme i11 Core-i7
The TDP setting is set to the standard 28W (for Core-i3, Core-i5 and Core-i7) except for Celeron(15W) as Celeron SKU doesn’t have option to configure up to 28W for TDP setting. 

The common hardware and software configuration is the following:
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Storage: 128GB SSD
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04 64bit
  • Same version of Phoronix-Test-Suite and test version
Let’s have a look at the results…

Comparison Overview:


The UP Xtreme i11 Core-i7 is obviously the fastest, showing major performance gains, together with Core-i5, on applications optimised for multi-threaded processing and specifically:
  • 5 times faster than Celeron on parallel compression/decompression, encoding/decoding and openSSL
  • 2 to 3 times faster in most other applications
  • Up to 2 times faster on integrated GPU performance, where the difference between Core-i7 down to the Celeron is in the number Execution Units and Frequency (not Memory or architecture).
  • A particular mention goes to the AI Benchmarks, where the combined results of CPU+GPU and latency show an average of 2 times the performance for Core-i7 than the baseline (Celeron). While if considering only the CPU results, in particular the FPS, the performance for the Core-i7 is 5 times the Celeron.
The UP Xtreme i11 is available from our up-shop.org as board only product, enclosed system and development kit:
▶ UP Xtreme i11 board
▶ UP Xtreme i11 Edge
▶ UP Xtreme i11 Edge Compute Enabling Kit

For any question or feedback, you are welcome to participate in our community: https://www.up-community.org/, where you can find many developers using UP boards and our technical experts!

Warm regards,
UP Team
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