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Product Change Notice (PCN) - UP Board A11 changed to B10 version

sresthag New Member, Administrator Posts: 15 admin

PCN Note Date: 11/15/2021
Date Effective: Active by new sales order from December , 2021.

Reason for change:
Because of Microchip HSIC USB hub controller USB4604-1080HN-TR and CPLD FOR MAX V
devices(Altera.5M160ZM100C5N) material shortage, UP board series will have new version(B10) which will
be implemented with different manufacturer’s CPLD and USB hub IC and keeps the same function.

Product(s) Affected:
Note: A11 & B10 version will be in the system in parallel
A11 Part number changed to B10 Part number
UP-CHT01-A20-0116-A11-> UP-CHT01-A20-0116-B10
UP-CHT01-A20-0216-A11-> UP-CHT01-A20-0216-B10
UP-CHT01-A20-0232-A11-> UP-CHT01-A20-0232-B10
UP-CHT01-A20-0432-A11-> UP-CHT01-A20-0432-B10
UP-CHT01-A20-0464-A11-> UP-CHT01-A20-0464-B10
UP-CHT01-A22-0216-A11-> UP-CHT01-A22-0216-B10
UP-GWS01-A20-0432-A11-> UP-GWS01-A20-0432-B10
UP-GWS01-A20-0464-A11-> UP-GWS01-A20-0464-B10
UP-GWS01-A20-0216-A11-> UP-GWS01-A20-0216-B10

B10 Version P/N difference
1) Aaeon # 148X000015 LATTICE. LCMXO2-640HC-6MG132C
2) Aaeon # 14202514B0 SMSC.USB2514B-AEZC

Issue Date: Nov 15, 2021
Issue by: UP Team

*more details in attached pdf