Up Squared - Up Framework Installation

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I have an Up Squared and am trying to add GPIO support for Windows IOT Core.

I've installed the UpFramework.inf using "devcon install .\UpFramework.inf root\upframework" which reports back that drivers installed successfully.

Unfortunately when I try to get hold of the GPIO controller in my UWP app, it still returns null. Additionality, I can't see any controller drivers listed in the web interface of the device:

Do you have any suggestions as to how I might resolve this issue?


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    Hi camillus, thanks for the quick reply :)

    I had already installed the drivers. But I have just managed to solve the problem because I noticed that the boot selection had defaulted to "Intel Linux" even though Windows IOT Core was being booted. Once I changed the setting to "Windows IOT Core" then I could get hold of the GpioController successfully:

    Note for future viewers:

    • Hold the delete key during startup to enter the bios menu.