New Xtreme i11 Dead on Arrival, need support


Sorry, I seem to have posed this in the wrong discussion. Noob here. Hope this post gets a response.

I have been trying to power up my new i11. I tried the barrel jack with a 12V/10A power supply, as well as a standard PC ATX PSU. The i11 is completely unresponsive. No lights, no fan, nothing. Is this board DOA?

This is the memory I have installed:

I also have the WiFi/BLE (CN12) and Hailo (CN13) modules installed, and a SATA III SSD drive connected and powered via the i11.

My monitor is connected via DVI and my keyboard and mouse via USB 2.0.


  • camillus
    camillus Administrator, Moderator, AAEON Posts: 188 admin

    Hi @edj999 ,

    Kindly remove all devices (USB, SSD), unplug the CMOS battery for few seconds, then plug it back and add devices and try again with the correct PSU. If it does not come on, Kindly raise an RMA from here if you purchased from UP Shop or via your retailer otherwise.

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