Which variant of STM32 on PlatformIO with UP Xtreme

mrubio New Member Posts: 1


I'm trying to use the HardwareTimer Library by stm32duino on the integrated STM32 of the UpBoard Xtreme i7, to generate a PWM signal. Unfortunately the proposed board variant to use in PlatformIO is a bluepill board (https://github.com/up-board/up-communit ... Xtreme_MCU) which does not seem to be correct, as they have different external oscillator frequencies and therefore the HardwareTimer Library outputs a PWM signal with a wrong frequency e.g. duty cycle. To fix this I would have to define a new board variant according to this discussion here (https://www.stm32duino.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1515&p=9724#p9724) . I was wondering if something like this already exists and if someone had the same issue before? Or if somebody more experienced could explain to me how to exactly define a new board variant.

Thanks in advance!



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