UP Squared Pro Voltage


The datasheet quotes a power requirement of "12~ 24V DC-IN". I looked in the manual for more information, and there is a jumper labeled 12V and another labeled 24V. Do I need to set the 24V jumper to safely give the board 24V? What is the minimum and maximum voltage in 24V mode if so? How could I give it an intermediate voltage, like 16V?


  • VincentDaanen
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    I do have the same questions .. Did you get any answers outside the forum ?



  • tpwatson
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    I emailed the company directly and this is the response I got:

    For power DC input, it is not necessary to set the jumper for UP Squared pro. That DC input 12-24v is auto detected to work.
    The manual shows two jumpers labeled "PWR Select 12V (CN31)" and "PWR Select 24V (CN32)". It’s used for eDP PWR Select 12V & eDP PWR Select 24V, not used for UPS pro power input.

    I plugged 24V into my board while leaving the jumper on 12V and it worked fine, so it seems they are right and 24V is safe without any adjustments.