Using Pi Accessories on UP Board

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Hey all,

Stupid question-- is there a straightforward way to tweak Python modules/libraries for Raspberry Pi accessories so they're compatible with the UP Board? I was able get get some relay boards working by using MRAA and the appropriate MRAA numbering, but other serial-based relay boards and things like a PiJuice elude me.

Any pointers?



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    User1234 New Member Posts: 2
    edited February 2022

    as it turns out, i2cdetect and some patience was sufficient to get the PiJuice working. However, I can't find the Sequent Microsystems relay board even though it should be there somewhere. The PiJuice was just there (meaning visible on i2cdetect) from the beginning, while I noticed that even on a Pi the Sequent relay board wasn't there until you polled it with Python or something.

    Is that expected? Any way to force something to be visible? Other tips?

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