booting Issue (Failed to allocate irq -2147483648)

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hi there,

I recently got a used up2 squared board. however, whenever I try to boot I get these messages:

Loading Linux 4.9.45-ubilinux+...
Loading initial ramdisk...

[ 1.505684] Failed to find cpu0 device node
[ 2.790057] i801_smbus 0000:00:1f.1: Failed to allocate irq -2147483648: -107

I am stuck in a circle, after the messages get displayed the board reboots and the same thing happens again. I have no experience with ubuntu or up2 board so I hope this issue can be fixed easily.


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  • camillus
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    Hi @Muaadh ,

    Ubilinux is not supported officially anymore, however I will suggest that you follow the guide on the Wiki to reinstall. Better still install one of our supported Linux distributions. You can get more information from the Wiki.