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Product Change Notice (PCN) - UP Xtreme i11 change to 0001 version

FredyHsu Administrator, Moderator, AAEON Posts: 49 admin

PCN Note Date: 11/25/2021

Date Effective: Active from December 2021.

Reason for change:
Due to the material shortage, UP Xtreme i11 series and UP Xtreme i11 Edge & Edge Compute Enabling Kit Series will create new SKUs (A10-0001) without CPLD, 40pin HAT, and USB type C functions. The new SKUs will co-exist with the full function (A10) SKUs.

0001 version difference:
1. Remove Intel Altera Max 5 (5M160ZM100C5N) CPLD and 40pin HAT
2. Remove TI. ICs and USB Type C connector
3. Difference BIOS version refers to Downloads

Issue Date: November 25, 2021
Issue by: UP Team

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