UP BOARD BIOS update issues, freezing issues

chalupec New Member Posts: 2

i was trying to update bios, it took me a lot of time and in the end i foud that "new looking" updat is only the old one, lots of effort for nothing.

Why is it stated as new FEB 15,2021

and it took me to file system where files are old

not even old but also with bugs

in UPC1DM23_EFI\EFI\BOOT\startup.nsh
echo -off
cd UPC1BM0P this command lead to result dir not found, no effect
go_nsh - must be rewritten to go.nsh


recommended file change to
echo -on


finally after trimming update was somehow succesfull even if cd UPCBM0P command doesnt worked.

Update was carried out to get rid of random freezing of system, sometime UP BOARD runs for weeks in a row, sometimes it must be powercycled 2times a day. Even if computer runs only simple script in python or just runs wit webbrowser on top...

Will try to setup watchdog timer in BIOS, but this is somehow strange behaviour.

Another problem is that update runs automatically without confirmation, so that you have to wait to finish and disconnect flashdisk in the end, because anither "update" will take a part till the end of the world...