Can UP Core Series use Movidius Chip?

aishac New Member Posts: 1
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Hi UP Community!
I currently have x2 up-computers - the first being an up-squared with a pre-installed AI CORE Movidius Myriad 2 (via the mPCI-E slot), and the second being an Up Core Companion computer (specifically the one linked here). The Up Core computer currently sits beneath my PX4 Vision quadcopter.

With that said, I want to increase the inference capability of the Up Core computer on the drone, and believe the Movidius chip (from my other Up-Squared computer) would be the perfect solution. However, the Myriad 2 only supports mPCI-E, which the Up-Core does not have...can anyone suggest a possible work-around for this? I was thinking of purchasing an mPCI-E to USB adapter, or potentially finding a compatible expansion module with mPCI-E support...also thinking about the Intel Neural-Compute stick, which uses USB 3.0.
Any suggestions / ideas would be greatly appreciated - Thanks!