Can UP Core Series use Movidius Chip?

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Hi UP Community!
I currently have x2 up-computers - the first being an up-squared with a pre-installed AI CORE Movidius Myriad 2 (via the mPCI-E slot), and the second being an Up Core Companion computer (specifically the one linked here). The Up Core computer currently sits beneath my PX4 Vision quadcopter.

With that said, I want to increase the inference capability of the Up Core computer on the drone, and believe the Movidius chip (from my other Up-Squared computer) would be the perfect solution. However, the Myriad 2 only supports mPCI-E, which the Up-Core does not have...can anyone suggest a possible work-around for this? I was thinking of purchasing an mPCI-E to USB adapter, or potentially finding a compatible expansion module with mPCI-E support...also thinking about the Intel Neural-Compute stick, which uses USB 3.0.
Any suggestions / ideas would be greatly appreciated - Thanks!


  • FredyHsu
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    Hi Aishac,

    we don't verify if the Movidius Myraid 2 would work on UP Core. Unfortunately, there is no suitable expansion we could recommend to you.

    You could try to find mPCIe to USB converter. But you need to make sure the converter would converts the USB signal to PCIe signal on the mPCIe slot.

    UP Team

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