kernel5.4 can’t run rt preempt5.4.66-rt.It will be dump.

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I want to complie a rt-preempt kernel, and the kernel version must >4.19.
So I get the upboard kernel source from

And I get the rt-preempt patch from
the rt-preempt version is 5.4.66-rt38

It compile ok!

when I load this kernel, after the ubuntu 18.04 start ok a few minute. The kernel will be dump, I can't use keyboard mouse ssh-remote and so on.

so how to solve this problom??
or where can get a other kernel which support upboard??



  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin

    Preempt-RT kernels are not tested nor supported on Ubuntu.

    At the moment the only tested UP platforms with realtime kernels are UP Squared (Apollo Lake) and newer, using Yocto 3.1 and Realtime kernel from Intel.

    Some developers from our community did the porting and testing on Ubuntu for our platforms for kernel 5.4, but the kernel was only tested by them on UP Xtreme (Core-i 8th gen).

    You can try at your own risk and follow the instructions provided on github:

  • dpetrillo
    dpetrillo New Member Posts: 1

    Is there any information about how to apply the supported realtime kernels to the Up Squared board that you are referring to?

    I have built Yocto using the provided BSP and instructions for my Up Board and I'm interested in trying out the intel RT kernel on that platform. Is there a specific reason why it won't work or is not supported? Don't want to waste time if there are known issues. Also having a guide even if it was for a different board would be helpful as I am just getting started with Yocto.


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