UEFI Flashing with Bus Pirate and Flashrom

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edited September 2021 in UP Xtreme BIOS

It seems the chip in UP Xtreme does not yet have working support in flashrom. My board currently has a corrupt UEFI and I can not boot or enter EFI to flash the UEFI.

I have tried with a bus pirate and flashrom, which successfully detects the chip, but flashrom is not able to erase or write to the chip correctly. I opened an issue here:


In order to even have flashrom detect the chip you must use a git version compiled from the master branch. The last release of flashrom from releases page does not yet include the ability to detect the Winbond chip in the Up Xtreme.

I'm curious if there is any other way of recovery on UP Xtreme without hardware flashing at this point. I can wait/help flashrom developers to try to fix, but if there is some other way to get the board to detect a USB stick and flash the UEFI without doing so that would be helpful.

Currently the board powers on and the fan will run full speed for a while and then reduce its speed. There is no display on the HDMI, only a blank screen, and keyboard/mouse lights on a USB hub do not light indicating no input from the board when it is powered on. Unable to cycle caps/num lock or anything on keyboard.

Unplugging the CMOS battery for a few minutes and then re-plugging it and attempting to boot the board causes the board to re-boot itself several times until it repeats the above behavior with the fan coming on full speed and then reducing its speed and just remaining on.

Is there any way to get the board to detect external device and re-flash the UEFI with its current behavior? Or will I have to re-flash with hardware programmer?

It looks like dediprog is working, but not really interested in paying the $$$ for one, and I can wait to see if flashrom developers can fix the issue and add support for the chip.