Enable BIOS Flash Write Protection (/WP)

tallu New Member Posts: 9

Hi All

I'm trying to enable write protection for Up Xtreme BIOS.
The chip type is W25Q256JW and it has /WP option.
I'm not sure how can I enable it on this board.



  • tallu
    tallu New Member Posts: 9


    I've tried to enable BIOS flash write protection (/WP) directly by connecting the /WP and GND legs of the flash chip (W25Q256JW) but it seems the flash is still R/W (the status registers can be written).

    I thought of another approach.
    Maybe the CPLD can help me achieve what I'm trying.

    So my questions are:
    Can the CPLD be used to control the flash registers?
    Where is the CPLD firmware stored?
    Is the CPLD code open source and can be manipulated?


  • Mahesh
    Mahesh New Member Posts: 4

    Hi @tallu

    you can enable the WP for UpXtreme BIOS through flashrom software on Ubuntu machine.

    command : flashrom -h

    -l | --layout read ROM layout from
    --wp-disable disable write protection
    --wp-enable enable write protection
    --wp-list list supported write protection ranges
    --wp-status show write protection status

    so, according to your requirement you can use the above options.