Install hddimg to UP2 board

Harsh_Shah New Member Posts: 2


I had made one setup for intel apollo up2 device in yocto and build one base image (core-image-minimal). I follow below steps to install the image on up2 board eMMC.
1. Created bootable USB device for .hddimg
2. Connect bootable USB, display and keyboard with up2 device
3. Power on the evk kit (5v 4A power adaptor)
4. It will show the grub menu
- Boot
- Install
- Reboot with firmware image
5. Click on Install button
6. It will ask for eMMC port. Enter (mmcblk0) which is detected.
7. It will creating partitions and start to write kernel images and rootfs images to eMMC.
8. Once Installation is completed, Removed bootable USB device and Pressed Enter for reboot the evk kit.

When I am trying to boot the up2 device, it will open grub menu only, not start booting.
In grub menu, I made below changes:

  • Updated boot media priority (First priority provided to Hard disk)

I have doubt, the eMMC is detected there in GRUB menu or not.

Can you please help me to resolve this issue. If I missed any step in installing or booting then please let me know.

Thank You
Harsh Shah