spi no signal (UP Xtreme i7C1-8565U (V0 stepping))

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I bought 3 more UP xtreme 2 months ago and all 3 new units have SPI problems.
This issue only occurs on newly purchased products, not on previously purchased products.
The product I purchased is a UP Xtreme i7C1-8565U (V0 stepping) model, and I think it will be similar to the model I have (i7 in 2020).

OS: ubuntu 18.04
kernel: 5.4.65 RT (I made it after seeing this link: https://github.com/raess1/UPxtreme-RT-kernel)

To explain in detail, if you check the signal through the oscilloscope without connecting the control board to 40pin of UP xtreme after setting the board, you can see that it is normally output.
However, when the existing control board (STM32 F474) is connected, the SPI signal (CLOCK, MOSI, MISO, CS all) is not output.
In /dev, spidev0.0 and spidev0.1 are visible, but when the signal is checked with an oscilloscope, no signal is seen.
After that, SPI communication does not work in any case until the OS is reinstalled.
After reinstallation, some boards are capable of SPI communication (2 units, the same problem recurs when a control board is connected), and some boards still do not (1 unit).

The control board was connected to the existing UP xtreme and used without any problem, and the OS and kernel have not been changed.
There is no history of updating CMOS settings and firmware.

Please let me know how I can solve this problem.


  • jhp
    jhp New Member Posts: 15

    I found the model I bought before --> UP xtreme i7 8665UE
    I wonder if there are any differences between the i7C1-8565U model and the i7 8665UE other than the CPU.

  • camillus
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    Hi @jhp ,

    Can you please verify and let us know the BIOS versions of the new UpXtreme units and also that of the old unit.

    dmesg | grep BIOS

    Best Regards,

  • jhp
    jhp New Member Posts: 15

    firmware information
    old unit (i7 8665UE) : UP-WHL01 R1.4 (UPW1AM14) (10/17/2019)
    new one (i7C1-8565U) : UP-WHL01 R1.8 (UPW1AM18) (06/12/2020)

  • camillus
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    Hi @jhp ,

    Thanks. Kindly update the bios to UPW1AM19 from here and try the SPI again.

    To update the BIOS,

    • Format a USB and copy the file you downloaded to the USB.
    • Power off UP Xtreme, insert USB and Power On the USB
    • System boots into UEFI BIOS shell
    • Navigate to directory that has the BIOS file
    • run GO.nsh
    • BIOS updates and you can remove USB and Restart UP Xtreme