Drivers for GPIO on Windows 10

picare New Member Posts: 2

I try to make the GPIO working with an UPBoard 4Gb and Windows10 Entreprise 2016 LTSB.
The BIOSversion is 2.1

I manage to install all the drivers from

The three unknown devices are now recognised as AAEON DEV_081C, AAEON_DEV_2288 and AAEON_DEV_2288.
I also have lots of INTEL Serial IO GPIO Controller in the devices.
Here are the devices:

After installing the windows SDK from, i'v got errors while installing, but a UP Framework Service device is present.
here are the errors:

After that, i'm still unable to access to the GPIO.

I am also unable to download hi-safev2 and the hi-safe drivers. Do you have a permanent link? All the links i can find are on dropbox!

Thank you for your help!


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