Audio Inputs and outputs issue

yo3hjv New Member Posts: 3

Hi guys,
I have an UpBoard 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, WIN10 64 bit, registered.
I have troubles with sound properties.
The soundboard is USB type, the Codec chipset is a PCM2901 through a USB HUB with TUSB2046.
The Windows is installing the generic drivers but in the Device Manager the USB Sound board is USB Audio CODEC under "SOUND, VIDEO AND GAME CONTROLLERS" as .
Under "AUDIO INPUTS AND OUTPUTS" there is only "Remote audio", used by the Remote Desktop Computer to send audio to the remote station.
When i am trying to select the audio source in Sound properties, I cannot find the USB Audio Codec.
I tried various USB soundboards and nothing. Tried on all USB ports, nothing.
I also installed Virtual Audio Cable and I can see it near the USB Audio CODEC but not in Audio Inputs and Outputs...
Any sugestion is welcome, thank you, Adrian.



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