RS-485 connection failure depending on the connecting devices


1. Based on what we’ve searched, Rpi and Upboard have different I2C communication speeds.
Is there any way to stabilize I2C communication like Rpi?

  1. Is there a particular setting for RS-485 communication? Would you please give us further details for the RS485 communication application?

  2. Is there another way of the power supply? Your connecter is unapplicable for our application arrangement. We prefer connectors that have a settling connector between the power cable and
    the board.

  3. Heatsink is too big and blocking the locking holes for our arrangement. If we are planning to attach a smaller heatsink, which part(chips) do you recommend us to attach the heatsink on. Additionally, it is so hard for us to settle the board with the heatsink attached. Do you have any advice on this issue?

  4. The product can be installed outdoor. We prepared the case, fan, and heater, but we are still concerned of the operating temperature, would you share us the outdoor installation cases?

  5. Can you customize the ports on the Up squared pro to minimize the height? For example, we prefer only USB3.0 dual-port, HDMIx1(DP 1.2port no needed), LAN Single Port. Are there minimum order requirements for this customization?

  6. When we were using Rpi, we input all the settings on the SD card and copied it to set multiple boards. If we would like to input the same setting to multiple UP boards, which method do you recommend?

  7. Please feel free to give us helpful advice according to our settings.


  • Pratik_Kushwaha
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    Hi @May511 ,

    Please find my comments below,

    1. You can change the I2C speed via UP SDK(install UP SDK framework and i2c demo app here), via the i2c speed command in the app, and adapt to what the HAT may require. I2C speed menu is not yet available in BIOS R1.2. On later BIOS updates on BIOS, it will be possible to change I2C speed, similar to steps for UP Squared shown here.

    It might not be sufficient to use the HAT correctly. As we do not officially support the HAT, any integration and validation effort required from our side would need to be quoted by our SW team (or SW partner). Supported HATs details are listed here

    1. There is no particular setting other than the scripts provided earlier to you for communicating with the serial ports,(/dev/ttyS0 - for COM1, /dev/ttyS1 - for COM2). Regarding the issue, we haven’t noticed such instability in our testing of RS485. Could you please provide the exact system configuration and testing procedure used when this issue was experienced?

    2. For another power connector a MOQ is required and it depends on what exact connector you may need. Could you please help provide an example of the power connector?

    3. The heatsink has been designed to properly dissipate the heat of the system. If you want to change it, it would be at your own risk. Any smaller heatsink, if the system is not properly ventilated, could result in system reduced performance or eventually shutting down. If you want us to study a cooling solution for your system, we can provide consultancy and customization (NRE costs and MOQ are applicable here)

    4. As of now, we do not have options for outdoor casing and the standard system (board + chassis), that will be launched soon will also work under the standard operating temperature range, 0°C-60°C (32°F ~ 140°F). More details on the system, here. Once we do have some options, you can find them in our shop, or you can also make the housing yourselves. Note for a chassis to reach IP68 standards, vacuum sealing of the system is required.

    5. Customization can be provided as per MOQ of 100 or more boards. However, note that some ports cannot be changed as they may require PCB changes. Please let us know if you want to request customization with this MOQ or more, I can provide you more information accordingly.

    6. SD card is not a recommended idea for a production environment. With eMMC, you can flash the board using a USB image installer or via network boot ( and PXEboot server) using a single image prepared with the software.

    7. We can offer free on-call consultancy on projects if the order placed for a project meets a specific MOQ. We understand that some projects may have different sizes and scopes, and if you could provide us more details about your project requirements and place an order accordingly, we can still provide further assistance here.


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