Support for later releases of Yocto

mthompson New Member Posts: 2

I'm pleased to Yocto BSP kits for the Up Board that look to do a good job of supporting the features of the system. However, all the supported releases of Yocto for the Up Board (the latest being Sumo) are now at end-of-life. Are there any plans to support newer releases of Yocto such as the Dunfell LTS release?

Barring that, has anyone had luck using the Sumo version of the Yocto BSP for the Up Board with the newer releases of Yocto? I guess the supported Linux kernel being 4.4 would likely be a potential issue. To support Ubuntu 20.04, there looks to be a 5.4 kernel, but I don't see evidence there is a Yocto recipe for this version of the kernel.




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