UP2-Pro, No Power Supply or Case

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I have a new UP2 Pro, but the power supply and a case are not listed or sold on the UP-Shop site. I found a part number from AAEON 1255X00032 but I don't find any source for this supply. The connector is a threaded type and the supply as a 12V6A model. They list a supply for the UP eXtreme, which has a threaded connector, but it is 19V. The UP Core Plus supply is 12V5A, but the connector pin dimensions appear to be too small.

Can anyone point me to a source for a compatible power supply?

Likewise, there appear to be no case to fit the slightly larger UP2-Pro. I assume that one is in the works?



  • Pratik_Kushwaha
    Pratik_Kushwaha Administrator, AAEON Posts: 80 admin

    Hi @GMN ,

    The PSU for UP2 Pro will be available in our UP Shop starting from the upcoming week. You can check here next week and place your order accordingly.

    For the chassis, yes we are working on the chassis and will be making it available on our UP Shop soon too.

    Best regards,

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