Power available from 5V rails?

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Assuming the UP Core Plus ATOM Quad Core 04/64 (memory 4GB, eMMC 64GB) is supplied from 12V with enough current capacity, how much current is available from the 5V rail on the expansion connectors to run carrier boards?


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    Hi @alfie ,

    The UP Core Carrier Board Design Guide covers the required details for each pinout, description, power and voltage tolerance. You can download it from this link here, under UP downloads, https://downloads.up-community.org/download/up-core-carrier-board-design-guide/


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    you have linked the documents for the Core, not the Core Plus. I have read the Core Plus documents, they do not contain the required information.

    Can you confirm this approach:
    The average power usage specified for the UP Core Plus is 18W. (My measurements for my application indicate about 12W)
    Assume the UP Core Plus is supplied with 12V.
    Assume there is no power usage at 12V from the schematics.
    Assume all 12V power is converted to 5V via U13 which is a 6A switch mode IC.
    Assume U13 and surrounding components are designed correctly to provide the full 6A output the IC is specified for.
    Assume all 3.3V comes from 5V as per schematic U48.
    Assume all 1.8V comes from 3.3V which comes from 5V as per schematic U16.
    Assume then that all specified 18W come from the 5V rail directly or indirectly which is 3.6A total. (ignore U13 efficiency)
    Assume then that leaves 2.4A carrier board and USB port usage/other peripheral usage.

    Is this correct or is there a published number?


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    Hi @alfie ,

    Apologies, my mistake. Let me check with my team in Taiwan and get back to you with the required details.


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    For Docking I +5V, it’s used for power input for UP core Plus system, Not output (MB will need a total of 25~30w). So, please don't use this 5V for your carrier board. For Docking II +12V, it can deliver up to 3A of output current

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    This image is taken from "UP CORE PLUS Carrier Board Design Guide V0.3"
    What is the intention of the comment highlighted in red if not to draw power from the 5V rail?

    How do UP carrier boards (Net Plus, Connect Plus etc) get their power, via 12V or 5V?

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