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Product Change Notice: [EOL] AIOT-ILRA01 products


Product Change Notice - EOL

PCN Issue Date:

Date Effective:
Active by running change from March 2021.

Reason for PCN:

  • EOL for AIOT-ILRA01 products, AIOT-ILRA01-A10-CA40232EU and AIOT-ILRA01-A10-CA40464EU-A11
  • EOL for AIOT-VSSP01-A10-0001

Last Buy Date:

  • AIOT-ILRA01-A10-CA40232EU, AIOT-ILRA01-A10-CA40464EU-A11 → 09/22/2021
  • AIOT-VSSP01-A10-0001 → Will update once existing stock finishes

Change Details:
This is End of Life(EOL) notice for AIOT-ILRA01-A10-CA40232EU[RE-AIOT-ILRA01-A10-CA40232EU-IOT, RE-AIOT-ILRA01-A10-CA40232EU-NWK, RE-AIOT-ILRA01-A10-CA40232EU-IIB], AIOT-ILRA01-A10-CA40464EU-A11 and AIOT-VSSP01-A10-0001.

Note: There will be no suggested replacement products as listed above. We sincerely regret the disruption that may result from the subject of this notification.

□Benefits ■Impacts:

  • EOL notice of part numbers, AIOT-ILRA01-A10-CA40232EU, AIOT-ILRA01-A10-CA40464EU-A11 and AIOT-VSSP01-A10-0001.
    In the case of a large number of requests for projects, please contact our Sales team.

Issue by: Pratik Kushwaha
Title: Product and Technical Community Manager UP

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Warm regards,
UP Team

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