bluetooth choppy sound ubuntu 20.04 and 18.04

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Ubuntu 20.04 , Up Core Plus, I have followed all instrucctions from wiki pages (Up kernell and Wifi/BT firmware), but the sound is chopped all the time in the bluetooth devices. Using HDMI, sound output is ok.
I have tried PulseAudio latency offset, many pairings with differents bluetooth devices and all possible configurations, but always the same: it connects but the sound is choppy. The A2DP configuration is possible, but the HSP/HFP is not available. Please, any help will be wellcome. Thanks



  • DCleri
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    you should check the systemd service for the bluetooth and update the speed from 115200 to 3000000.


    Stop and disable the service:
    systemctl stop firmware-ampak-ap6355.service
    systemctl disable firmware-ampak-ap6355.service

    Go to /etc/systemd/system and edit the file: firmware-ampak-ap6355.service
    And change the line:

    ExecStart=/usr/bin/hciattach -n -t 10 /dev/ttyS6 bcm43xx 115200


    ExecStart=/usr/bin/hciattach -n -t 10 /dev/ttyS6 bcm43xx 3000000

    save, and reenable the service
    systemctl enable firmware-ampak-ap6355.service
    then restart

    let us know if it works for you

  • Earsistemas
    Earsistemas New Member Posts: 27

    Thanks very much for your quick answer. Followed your instructions and... sound is ok now.


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