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My name is Yossi and I’ve recently bought several UP boards.
I installed Windows 10 Home edition.

After Up Board Restart there is no problem with HDMI Output, But if I shut Down the Boar
to start it again I get Black display ( no HDMI output).

What should I do and what could possibly be the problem?

Best Regards,

Peleg Joseph, IAI


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    There are 3 things you can check for troubleshooting
    1. Check if the NumLock key is stuck. If your NumLock key is stuck, no light for the keyboard but blue led ON, and it means that system gets stuck entering BIOS setup when booting up
    2. Try to reset bios settings to factory default, you can try to clear the CMOS by disconnecting the CMOS battery for 10s. Before clear the CMOS, you'll have to disassemble the system.
    3. Try to test board with different HDMI monitor or cable

    If clear CMOS is not working for you, and the system is still no display, please submit a RMA service request.

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    I tried to reset bios and now there is a display.

    Best Regards,

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