UP Core i2c



I'm trying to get the i2c interface working in Windows 10 64bit (full version, not IOT).

I have an UP Core 4GB/64GB with the Low Speed Carrier board. Latest BIOS is installed (UCR1BM18).

All drivers and the UP SDK have been installed.
One unknown device (Hardware ID *AANT0F02) in device manager since plugging in Low speed carrier board.

Could someone please confirm the pin out of the 30pin connector on the low speed carrier board? The pinout on the wiki page is different to the pinout in the UP carrier design guide pdf.

The bios has the option to select OS IMAGE ID: Windows or Android. It does not have the option to select Windows IOT. I understand it is necessary to select Windows IOT even when installing the full version of Windows if you want to use i2c, SPI etc, as this exposes the "Resource hub proxy device" in device manager. However this is not possible on the UP Core as far as I can see.

I would be grateful if anyone can help me to get the i2c interface enabled on the UP Core.



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