UP Xtreme GPS

Hello I have installed in my UP Xtreme system the mPCIe LTE module kit (Global) containing
Quectel 4G LTE CAT4 Global module EG-25G Mini PCI.

The LTE connection works but I have problem with GPS
Using minicom as suggested in the forum I have issued the command AT+QGPS=1 in order to enable GPS but I get an error (ERROR output response)

How can I debug it?

Is it required a second antenna in order to be connected to the GPS input of the EG-25G module?

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  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin

    Hello @morattos

    Have you followed the instruction on the wiki page?

    Yes you need another antenna, one which is best suited for GPS use.
    Adding another one, like the 4G included antenna, might be ok too for some testing.

    Also be aware that indoor gps works quite bad or not at all, depending on the building.

  • morattos
    morattos New Member Posts: 8

    Hello @DCleri,
    I followed the wiki and I have issued the AT+QGPS=1 command but I have not FIX
    I was not clear from the LTE/GPS module kit that another antenna is required. The kit contains an antenna labeled as "LTE Full Band & GPS antenna", in fact it sounded very strange to me that one antenna was enough for both LTE & GPS

    Thanks for the advise where placing the GPS antenna

  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin

    Thanks for the suggestion on the lack of clarity for the antenna requirements.
    The antenna is suitable also for GPS, but you would need a second one to connect to the GNSS pin.

    Just to clarify on the setup, can you provide information on OS and kernel version?

  • morattos
    morattos New Member Posts: 8

    Hello, I installed an antenna for GPS and it works out of the box.
    I used Ubuntu 18.04 LTS as it was preinstalled.