USB 3 port on Net Plus not working

jayman New Member Posts: 66 ✭✭

I noticed that the USB port on my Net Plus only works in HS (USB2) mode, but not in SS (USB3) mode.

When I connect a device that supports both HS and SS (for instance a Belkin USB 3 hub), it only shows up as a USB 2 hub:

If I connect that same hub to one of the 4 USB ports on the main board it is correctly shown as both a USB 2 and a USB 3 hub:

When I connect a device that only supports SS (for instance a Linksys GbE adapter), it shows up fine on one of the USB ports on the main board:

However, it will not appear at all when plugged into the USB port on the Net Plus:

So bottom line, I can't get USB3 to work at all on the Net Plus. I have tried several different UP Xtreme host systems, all with the same results. The UP Xtreme block diagram shows that PCIe lanes 5~9 are routed to the Docking connector, where the Net Plus is attached. WHL EDS also shows that only lanes 1~6 can be configured for USB3:

Furthermore, Device Manager shows that PCIe lanes 6/7/8 are used for the 4 GbE ports:

Therefore, the USB3 port on Net Plus would have to connect to PCIe lane 5 on the chipset if this has any chance of working.

So in conclusion, there are 3 possible explanations for this:

  1. The USB3 port on the Net Plus does not connect to PCIe lane 5 on the chipset.
  2. The BIOS on the UP Xtreme does not configure PCIe lane 5 for USB3.
  3. My Net Plus is simply broken.

I would really like to know if anyone has been able to get USB3 to work on the Net Plus connected to UP Xtreme. If so, that would rule out option 1 and leave options 2 or 3. But if no-one has been able to make this work then option 3 seems less likely and options 1 or 2 are the likely root cause.


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