UP Xtreme - DC jack/lockable Connector input for power



I am looking for the mating power connector type for the UPX-WHLI5-A20-08064 and UPX-WHLCR-A20-04064. My client wishes to source the connector locally so he can create his own power supply cable to input

Can you please supply the connector or a part code for the correct fitment into the lockable power jack so we can source this locally?




  • Pratik_Kushwaha
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    Hi @stevenjameson ,

    You can download the power supply connector data sheet here, https://up-shop.org/media/productattach/s/p/specification_sheet_ep-ps19v342a65w.pdf.
    It includes the mechanical specifications for the power supply and its connector that fits into the UP Xtreme lockable power jack.

    Please let me know if that helps, thanks :smile:


  • fabianraus
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    Understand that Voltage input is from 12.5V to 60V, but Voltage supported must be fixed once power is applied.
    As the board during boot and when eventually if full power is used (even if TDP is 28W for the SoC), can spike up to 50W, even for a split second, but not continuously to interfere with system heat dissipation

    To confirm using an example, if I boot up at 15.2V for it has to stay at 15.2V until I turn it off?

    If so, would it be possible to elaborate as I am keen on getting more boards. This would aid me in understanding if there is a need for regulators between the LiPo batteries and the UP boards.

  • DCleri
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    Yes it has to be a stable voltage, you must use a regulator as those devices are not implementing battery power support but only power from main

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