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Problem with CPLD, cannot control GPIO


Hi everyone!

I was sent here from RMA support ( Quite unusually, but I will post my issue as indicated by them.

Some time ago to our office arrived new order with UpBoards. I've run few tests (simple UART example PIN 8,10) using desktop version of Ubuntu 18.04 with dedicated kernel following this manual:

It turned out that I'm unable to control GPIOs.

I can run another type of tests if someone can suggest something, but we have 10 others UpBoards in our office right now and all of them working perfectly fine (with the same test). UpBoard  is show info in log "up-pinctrl up-pinctrl: CPLD initialisation failed" every time I turn it ON.

We're buying approximately 80-100 UpBoards per year, so we have some experience with them, and we are able to compare one device to another, and this one is not working fine for sure.

Someone has any idea what is wrong? 

Best regards,