UP Xtreme/LCD issue

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We have a customer who has purchased the UP EDP 10” LCD touch panel (OPT-UP-DST10-001-VER2 and UP Xtreme board UPX-WHLCR-A20-04064

I sent over the assembly guide for the 10” Panel document for him to follow, which he did and his reply was as follows:

Hi Steven

Yes that’s the document we have also.

The nice PCB burning smell was coming from the LCD Driver board.

When the PCB is swapped over for a new PCB connected to an UP2 there are no issue with the display working, as soon as you disconnect the Up2 and plug the cables into the Xtreme, the PCB starts getting warm around the jumper pin area and then comes the burning smell shortly after. The PCB then is not usable.

Any thoughts as to what’s gone wrong here would be great.

The customer has tried this on two UP XTREME boards (Celeron) with the same outcome.

Any thoughts on what to do here?



  • DCleri
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    We are investigating the issue and we will come back as soon as possible

  • DCleri
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    Hello @stevenjameson

    We have tested again the UP Xtreme with 10"LCD kit and the results are ok.
    The test was performed with the 1.4 BIOS and also with the upcoming 1.9 BIOS using Ubuntu 20.04 and our 5.4 LTS Kernel.

    See image below:

    Please check the correct cabling assembly from this picture.

    Bare in mind that the LCD cannot be hot-plugged.

    Please verify how it was used to better asses the customer issue.

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