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Obsolete [EOL]: Bointec Wi-Fi Module


Product Change Notice - EOL


EOL Product Name:

M.2 2230 WiFi kit (WiFi 802.11 AC 2T2R)

EOL Part Number (PN):


Impacted PNs:

UP Shop Wi-Fi Module (RE-UPWFKITEX2TR) and
Wi-Fi Module within System (UPS-EDAI-X70864-UL02)

Date of effectiveness:

End of existing stock on UP Shop

Date of PCN release:


Details of change:

RE-UPWFKITEX2TR phase out UP Shop and Related System Introduce new RE-WFKIT-9260NVP
Wi-Fi Module PN Change
Ordering Part number
Old part number New part number
Issue by: Pratik Kushwaha
Title: Product and Technical Community Manager UP

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