[Tech Update] Windows SDK Framework Update with Demo Apps

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image UP Windows SDK Framework Update with Demo apps
We have recently updated the UP Windows SDK Framework with API/EAPI support!

 ☞  The SDK currently enables GPI/O, I2C, SPI and PWM on the 40 pin HAT connector under Microsoft Windows for all UP Products – UP, UP Core, UP Core Plus (via Carrier Boards), UP Squared, and UP Xtreme boards.

Complete Windows setup tutorial can be found on our UP Wiki page,
  • Install Windows with Media creation tool
  • Install UP drivers
  • Install UP SDK Framework
  • Install Demo Apps
 ☞  UP Framework with Windows API/EAPI support V20.11.19
  • Download the updated UP Windows Framework setup file from here.
  • Download the updated UP Framework Demo App setup here.
  Bugs Fixed:
   1. pin direction setting wrong in some conditions
   2. C# I2C SDK definition
   3. I2C host controller power not enabled
   4. I2C multiple bytes read/write issue
   5. SPI default pins setting issue
  Features Added:
   1. Add support UPN-APL01 and UPX-ISH board
   2. Add SPI support
     a. 8-bit length
     b. Clock Frequency 4MHz ~ 25MHz
     c. CS0/CS1 support
   3. Add windows devices APIs support
     a. Windows.Devices.Gpio
     b. Windows.Devices.I2c
     c. Windows.Devices.Pwm
     d. Windows.Devices.Spi
   4. Change HAT pins function in OS through EAPI or Windows API

NOTE: You can also find the UP Framework Demo apps on GitHub here.

 ☞  Installing the Framework Demo applications
  • You can download the framework demo app packages here.
  • Steps for installation can be found here


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