Cannot change boot order with efibootmgr

stevekezstevekez New Member Posts: 1


I've got an UP Squared running Alpine Linux 3.12, direct booting from EFI with gummiboot/EFISTUB.

I was able to add boot entries with efibootmgr, and configure nextboot so that on reboot the selected option is used. However, changing the boot order, while reflected in the output of efibootmgr, doesn't hold when rebooting. The original boot order is still observed.

As a result, I cannot make boot order changes permanent, except by entering the UEFI setup on startup and editing the BBS priorities in there.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to deal with this?

I've tried efibootmgr -o AAAA,BBBB,CCCC as well as efibootmgr -O -o ... to erase and set a new boot order, as well as separating -O and -o out into two commands.

efibootmgr version is 17.




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