How to set up the Fully Preemtible Kernel

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  1. linux-hwe-edge_5.0.0-1.2~upboard4 After applying lowlatency to the kernel, if I look at the Preemtion Model setting in the menuconfig, I can't find the Fully Preemtible Kernel item.
    There is only Preemptible kernel in the Preemption Model menu. How can I make the Fully Preemtible Kernel visible?

  2. To apply the Fully Preemtible Kernel, apply patch-5.0.21-rt16 to the linux-hwe-edge_5.0.0-1.2_upboard4 kernel and set it with menuconfig, and then an error occurs when building.
    There seems to be no problem with the general build dependency (successful when building linux-hwe-edge_5.0.0-1.2_upboard4 + linux-image-unsigned-5.0.0-1-lowlatency_5.0.0-1.2_upboard4_amd64)
    Please let me know if there is anything I need to do to apply rt-patch.


  • DCleri
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    1. We don't have an Ubuntu fully preemptible kernel
    2. We haven't tested the RT patch in our Ubuntu kernel for UP, there is for sure need of integration and testing to make it work. If you need assistance on a custom kernel you can request a quote for engineering services via our shop: