[Tech Update] Kernel 5.0 Ubuntu 18.04 released | Windows IoT Core BSP

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image Are you working on a project on Win10 IoT Core?

Then check out this Windows IoT BSP and User Guide for all UP Series! Windows IoT Board Supported Packages (BSP) is a collection of drivers/settings required to run IoT Core on a hardware platform. Building Windows IoT Core Image for UP Series Boards is easy now, we have made the step-by-step user guide, download the full package now! image
image We have now officially released a validated 5.0 Kernel for all UP Series on Ubuntu 18.04! You can find the detailed documentation on our wiki pages., we also provide the instruction on whether you want to install Ubuntu kernel 5.0.0 from PPA, or install Ubuntu kernel 5.0.0 locally from debian packages. We also would like to share with you the pipeline for Ubuntu update, we will keep you updated so you can have the latest software stacks on time! image
image We created a preconfigured Ubuntu 18.04 image for UP Xtreme board and UP Xtreme Edge Compute Enabling Kit available now on up-community. Thanks to this easy image download, developers can save some precious time and make more applications with UP Xtreme instead! image
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