[Solved] Windows IoT Core Install Fails

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I am using an Up Board(UP-CHT01 R1.7 UPC10M17) and trying to install Windows IoT Core onto it.

I am following the instructions from here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/iot-core/tutorials/quickstarter/devicesetup#flashing-with-emmc-for-up-squared-other-intel-devices

I am using the UPBoard_WinIoTCore_RS5_17763 flash.ffu file, and have created a bootable USB drive.

However, I cannot boot onto the USB drive. The Up board detects the USB drive, and I have set it to boot from it. Whenever I press F7 and select the USB drive it does nothing, and cycles back to the same options screen. I have removed the CMOS battery multiple times, and have recreated the bootable USB.

I noticed that my BIOS version was above the options given on the Up Board download site(version R2.1). I then installed R1.7 to see if that would fix the issue. Is it possible that installing Windows IoT core on the R2.1 version before bricked the Up Board? The first time I attempted to install the OS, nothing happened except the board constantly rebooting itself.

Thank you for the help.


  • aaminin
    aaminin New Member Posts: 2

    For anyone experiencing a similar problem, I found the mistake I made.

    When using the following command to make the bootable USB:
    Copype amd64 C:\WINPE_amd64
    I mistakenly put:
    Copype x86 C:\WINPE_x86

    Thinking that the AMD64 architecture was not supported by Up Boards because of the intel processor. However, AMD64 is the correct 64 bit architecture

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