UP Xtreme board on a drone - few questions

I would like to put Xtreme board on a drone. I'm not sure about few things.
I'm talking about this one

  1. What is the weight of the complete board with heatsink?
  2. Only one energy demand is given (26W). Is it no difference between i3 and i7?
  3. In datasheet: Power requirement 12~60V DC-IN (lockable connector) so can I connect board to a 22.2V lipo battery pack (variable voltage depending on the level of charge). Is it better to use a stabilizer or converter?
  4. I would like to add Wifi Kit and M2 Myriad . What is the difference in performance between AI CORE X models, so far I have used only Neural Compute Stick 2

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  • DCleri
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    Hello @MGajewski

    1) the board is 300gr included active heatsink
    2) that is a TDP figure not a fixed one, the CPU work at a different frequencies and the number of cores and other features are different, you can find more info at this link: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/compare.html?productIds=193559,193560,193554
    3) No the system does not accept dynamically variable Voltage, you should provide a fixed voltage for the supported range making sure it is properly stabilized and that it can manage well power spikes during spikes of workload (for example when turbo kicks-in on the CPU or GPU cores)
    4) the AI Core X has the same Myriad-X chip included on a NCS2. The AI Core-XM (M.2 2280) includes 2 x Myriad-X chips. On UP Xtreme you can use the single chip module (on the MiniPCIe slot) or the dual chip module (M.2 2280).

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    Thanks a lot.
    I think that the Xtreme board is great. When I finish the project, I'll show my completed work

  • DCleri
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    That would be great, keeps us posted and let us know if any questions.

    Just to better understand, do you plan to use the integrated STM32 MCU or an external controller?

  • MGajewski
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    I use Pixhawk Orange Cube. Communication (Pixhawk - Up Xtreme) is via usb connectors.

  • MGajewski
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    Recently, I noticed that the temperature on the up xtreme is rising rapidly.
    I unscrewed the active fan and was surprised to see that there is a thermopad installed there and not thermal paste.

    Is it possible to improve the cooling of the processor (i7) by reducing the gap between the core or using a copper base and applying thermal paste?