Problems with USB3.0 (CN15) and RJ45 port (CN8)


I have some troubles with the USB3.0 header (CN15 on the schematics) and the RJ45 port (CN8), Intel i219. With the pre-installed ubuntu distro that came with the board, the USB3.0 port has extremely poor read/write speeds (e.g. 65 kb/s when trasnferring 2.7MB pdf to the file from internal storage to external SSD, Samsung MU-PA2T0B). Another issues is with the ethernet performance, where I only get 10Mbit interface in ubuntu and thus the download/upload speedsare poor. In the datasheet it is stated that both are Gbps ports. Is there any drivers missing or anything that I can do to fix this?

If I plug the SSD to USB3.0 port CN14, the read/write speeds are excellent. Same thing when using RJ45 port CN7, the connection reads as 1Gbit.

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  • DCleri
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    Hello @Jaclar

    Is it the Celeron, i3, i5 or i7?
    Please help to provide the product ID of the UP Xtreme you have

  • Jaclar
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    It's the i7-8665UE, the model is: UPX-EDGEI7-A10-1664-FX1.

  • DCleri
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    I don't see speed problem on those USB3.0 interface (both).
    Tested with small and large files, peak speed goes up to 450 Mbytes per second (not mbit) with a USB3.0 sandisk ultra 32GB.
    Try larger files, 2.7 MB is small to properly test the speed, which may take some time to speed up depending on various reason (either of the storage device or the system itself.

    Also regarding the i219 port, it might happen if you are using a direct connection with another device and not using crossed pairs, it doesn't handle well automatic detection of direct ethernet vs switch/router connection.
    We can get easily gigabit connection if using a switch in between or a proper crossed cable.