Intel Board booting error

dbhairi New Member Posts: 3
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im encountering a file system error during the boot process, the device keeps on booting to the initramfs command prompt as shown in the attached screenshot. im unable to access the devices due to this error as devices are already deployed at the client location.
Please provide me the guidance to rectify this issue remotely


  • gbeckers
    gbeckers New Member Posts: 8

    Did you receive any feedback on your issue?
    I have the same issue as you with several UP² boards...
    Thank you for your reply

  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin

    That issue can be cause by many factors: an update gone wrong, a sudden power loss or other electrical problem and it is common in many embedded system which are not properly configured for production environment.
    Even if you install a UPS system to stabilise the current and shutdown the system in case of power loss, may help but not solve all the real world situations/corner cases.

    Usually a robust system includes a variety of configurations/optimizations to avoid certain issues as the one described above for example:

    • read only file system for boot and root partition
    • double partition scheme with active system and recovery system
    • atomic system update
    • update/rollback functionality

    I am afraid you would need to get back your hardware and implement a more robust configuration for your system.

    We can offer you professional services to help you implement a robust and

  • dbhairi
    dbhairi New Member Posts: 3
    edited October 2020

    yes, you are correct, im facing this error at a sudden drop in supply,
    are there any guidelines to make a device robust? can you guide me to optimize this error as of now devices are placed at the client location and I have just remote access to the OS level. is there any possibility that I can skip this error for online devices.

  • dbhairi
    dbhairi New Member Posts: 3

    I got a reply from support as: need to repair manually by entering the "fsck -y /dev/mmblk0p2" command.
    @gbeckers how often you are getting this error ?? and at what situations you're able to see this error?
    I'm getting this error repeatedly if there is a sudden power drop.

  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin

    Hello @dbhairi

    Any system without battery that suffer power drop/loss will eventually experience the same problem. If you cannot guarantee continuous power or include a UPS battery to your system, you would need to make your system robust for such scenarios (as suggested above).

    There are ready solutions that provides the necessary configurations and software to make your embedded solution robust and reliable like Balena (which already supports our UP products):

    We can also help with our Software services to provide consultancy or implement a robust and reliable solution based on YoctoProject. You can send a request for quotation from our Shop:

  • Headgear9003
    Headgear9003 New Member Posts: 2

    Hello @DCleri,
    We are facing this issue here too but without loss of power, 5 issues so far on 4 boards. Model UPN-APLC2F-A10-0232 running Debian 12.0.
    Is there a known solution to this issue?
    Thank you

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