How to access the UEFI Shell?

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I have a UP2, recently updated to BIOS UP-APL01 R5.0 (UPA1AM50).

It reports compliancy with UEFI 2.5; PI 1.4

However, I cannot seem to get access to the UEFI Shell. The setup BOOT options do not even have a menu item for selecting boot to the internal UEFI Shell, so what do I need to do to gain access to the Shell?



  • GMN
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    I just found out that F7 will open a different menu that allows selection of the UEFI Shell. I had been pressing ESC to enter setup.

    That said, my OS loader still cannot access ShellProtocol.

    status = pBS->LocateProtocol(&guidShellProtocol, NULL, (void**)&pShell);

    status 14 - EFI_NOT_FOUND

  • DCleri
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    on UP Squared UEFI shell is not present, you would need to add a EFI application that will boot from USB with EFI Shell.

    You can find that application inside the BIOS update packages for UP Squared in our download section

  • GMN
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    The Shell IS present on my UP2. I just need to press F7 as soon as the AMI BIOS logo appears.