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UP2 I2S Audio

jmmbarco New Member Posts: 15

Hi everyone! This is Jose Miguel and this is my first post in the forum.
I want to build a high quality digital audio transport based on UP2 using its I2S audio output. I have been reading through the forum and googling as well, but I just dont find a clear explanation about current I2S audio support. It is confusing because in hardware specs it is clearly described as supported.

My goal is to install Ian Canada Fifo (pi based) stuff on top of UP2 (GPIO) and be able to stream from Windows (2019 Core) and Ubuntu 18.04.




  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin

    from the hardware point of view the interface is available (not supported).

    From the software point of view the drivers are available for Linux and some samples are available on how to use it with specific codecs

  • jmmbarco
    jmmbarco New Member Posts: 15

    Hi! I am sorry but I do not exactly understand your answer. What do you mean with available but unsupported?
    Regarding the software side, I have read the link but it refers only to hifiberry. Is there any procedure to connect other I2S input devices?
    Please let me ask, can we expect to get at some point the UP2 I2S output as an ASIO/Wasapi device in Windows or ALSA in linux?

    Thank you very much!

  • jmmbarco
    jmmbarco New Member Posts: 15

    Hi again DCleri,
    Following the SOF link, there is a script to add ACPI support for WM8804 as well. Using the PCM512x, Hifiberry DAC+ Std. can be connected, so it is possible that adding WM8804 we could connect the Hifiberry Digi+ or Hifiberry Digi+ PRO.
    Would it be possible to know which device from Hifiberry can be supported by Up2 via WM8804?

    Thank you very much again.