Want old BIOS with CSM / Legacy Boot for 1GB/16GB Upboard

ljward9ljward9 New Member Posts: 1


Could anyone please provide me a copy of an older BIOS for my 1G RAM 16G EMMC Upboard (UP-CHT01-A20-0116-A11) which has CSM / Legacy Boot?

I don't care if not all of the hardware works, if it is buggy, if it voids my warranty, etc

I am willing to flash it with a SPI EEPROM programmer such as is described here:

I really want to try running DOS and other legacy boot only operating systems baremetal on this board, but I can't without legacy booting.

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer!


  • itoledoitoledo New Member Posts: 2

    Hi, I'm also interested on older BIOSes for 1GB UPboard. Right now I have an unit with R1.2, and it seems that I can't update to the latest R1.8 because of "secure flash function is not supported on this file". I think that there should be an intermediate BIOS version that'll allow me to update, I'm getting random hangs on my unit and maybe the BIOS update with fix them.

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