Want old BIOS with CSM / Legacy Boot for 1GB/16GB Upboard

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Could anyone please provide me a copy of an older BIOS for my 1G RAM 16G EMMC Upboard (UP-CHT01-A20-0116-A11) which has CSM / Legacy Boot?

I don't care if not all of the hardware works, if it is buggy, if it voids my warranty, etc

I am willing to flash it with a SPI EEPROM programmer such as is described here:

I really want to try running DOS and other legacy boot only operating systems baremetal on this board, but I can't without legacy booting.

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer!


  • itoledo
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    Hi, I'm also interested on older BIOSes for 1GB UPboard. Right now I have an unit with R1.2, and it seems that I can't update to the latest R1.8 because of "secure flash function is not supported on this file". I think that there should be an intermediate BIOS version that'll allow me to update, I'm getting random hangs on my unit and maybe the BIOS update with fix them.

  • itoledo
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    bump. does someone knows if there's a support email somewhere? someone to ask about this kind of stuff? There's no email address to be found anywhere.

  • DCleri
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    We cannot publish old bios and software that is no longer supported to avoid any confusion and raise new issues for unsupported configurations.

    If you need anything specific for your project, you can send an inquiry via our shop contact form and email: https://up-shop.org/

  • ljward9
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    I would also like an old BIOS with CSM. Can you please just send it to us for our own personal use? My UP board has been sitting in a drawer for a year and a half now because I was hoping and waiting to see if this would get resolved. I would buy more boards if I could get the older BIOS with CSM support. Please consider making it available to individuals, you don't need to publish the link, but please if anyone has it I really would like a copy. I can flash it myself with an external flasher. Without it my up board will be sad sitting in a drawer and I won't buy more. I need CSM for the use case I wanted to use it for.