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UP squared board won't boot and no blue LED on(Hardware may be broken)

chenhan0120 New Member Posts: 1

Hi, I have ordered a UP squared board recently. It has been working well and it is connected with a battery(It is fixed on my drone and share its battery). A few days ago, when I unplug the battery and plug in a power converter(5V,4A) from the power socket in the room, the monitor connected to it shew nothing unless "no signal". After a few seconds, it is smoking and I cut off the power immediately, one spot on the board is very hot. After about 20 minutes, I use another 5V 4A power converter only a blue LED is on and stable when I plug in the power cable. I have tried several times to remove the coin battery and that didn't work.

Today, I tried the converter which caused smoking, the board smoke again. Then I connected another converter, no LED is on. I guess maybe some Components of the board are broken, though the board seems perfectly normal from the outside.
Can you help me to fix this? Thank you!

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