Thermal issue with the UpExtreme dev kit


Hi All,
I needed a passively cooled computation engine for our radar system that will take an advantage of the Myriad chips for fast matrix computations (got the dev kit with Core i-3 + 2xMyriad chips on it). At this moment I am running a program that process signals (lots of FFTs, and matrix operations) and I am a bit surprised by the Up Xtreme inability to dissipate the heat from the CPUs. After of calculations 8 minutes (indoor, ambient room temperature), the system start throttling the CPUs. On few occasions it hangs up.

Even when the computer "did nothing" for some time, it became pretty warm.
I did not even started any computations on Movidius.
I can always put a fan on it but the whole point of the purchase was NOT to have any moving parts.

Do other users have similar problem?



  • rogertsai(AAEON)
    rogertsai(AAEON) New Member Posts: 350 ✭✭✭

    Do you buy the whole unit (UPX-EDGE i3+ AI Core XM 2280) or assemble it yourself?
    I mean if you install the thermal pad incorrectly or incompletely, the CPU & AI core might fail to dissipate heat quickly.
    BTW, can you please provide me with your Part number & Serial number for my checking purposes

  • Darek
    Darek New Member Posts: 5

    I did buy the whole unit. I did not even open it yet :) . The only thing I have installed is my software. I will provide the part and serial number this evening.

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