Up Core will not boot unless it is reset manually.

ddd2 New Member Posts: 5

We are working on a Up Core based embedded system. From time to time the computer will not even boot unless the reset button in pushed for a while. This is concerning because this requires us to recall the deployed system. And because of the placement of the reset button in the system we have to fully disassemble it.
We are using a filtered 5V@5A power source and the system is properly ventilated as we can see that the working temperatures are really stable. We are using the fan heat sink.

This problem happened to us with the UPBoard as well. We have noticed that one of the first recommendations on this forum is to properly mount the heat sink but ours seems to be correctly assembled.

We would like to know what is the proper way to prevent these soft locks, what might be causing them and or even how to properly exit them or how to troubleshoot them. We are clueless about what is happening.

Thank you in advance,